Our business project came into being in the second half of the 19th century when Francisco Javier Solano y Eulate, “Marqués de la Solana”, owner of a large area of vineyards in Villabuena, on the advice of the famous Bordeaux winemaker of the time, M. Pineau, decided to start making and ageing his wines according to methods imported from the Médoc and to sell the wine in bottles after completing the ageing process, under the label “Marqués de la Solana”. His wines soon began to win recognition, with significant prizes such as the Silver Medal at the 1898 Logroño Exhibition and a Gold Medal at the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona.

At the present time the winery may have changed its name, but not its philosophy. It is still a family company, belonging to Juan Pablo De Simon y Milans del Bosch, the great grandson of the founder of the Winery, and maintains the concept of “Vino de Pago” a more localized appellation of origin, which inspired the Marquis de la Solana. And now the 5th generation, Pablo, Jaime and Maria de Simon (the children of Juan Pablo), have taken over the different responsibilities in the company and prepare the next generation.

People are renewed, bringing new ideas and approaches to the business with them, but always keeping the same concepts on which the company was founded: family, estate vineyards and respect for quality and work well done.