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10. Did you know…?

Happy new year! We start 2022 continuing with the third generation of the winery…
We have to keep in mind that the Riojan viticulture in the 1950s and 1960s was not a “buoyant” business. The production of the vineyards was much lower than at present and the prices of wine and grapes were very unprofitable. There was practically no export sales and a significant percentage of the wines were sold in bulk to the „vinateros“ of the alhóndigas of Basque Country and Rioja. The best wines were sold bottled under the brands „Pagos de San Torcuato“ and „Valserrano“ to historical clients in Madrid and Barcelona, restaurants and private customers.
It is from the middle of the decade of the 70s, when with the arrival of the Sherry Wineries and the creation of some of the current Rioja big wineries, a large number of hectares are planted with vines. and the grape and bottled wine business began to be revitalized.
In the few years that our parents and grandparents, Victoriano and Maria, were running the winery, vineyards such as Rubiales, Rio Salado, Los Ventriles, El Pedregal, El Palomar, La Laguna were planted, approximately 11 hectares. that today are between 42 and 50 years old, and are producing high quality grapes.