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8. Did you know…?

If there is an important figure in the history of our winery (with the permission of the founder), this is without a doubt, La Marquesa. As we have already told you, in 1912 María Teresa Solano, Marquesa Viuda del Socorro, and her sister María, inherited the winery and vineyards owned by their father, the Marqués de La Solana.

That time (from the 30s to the 60s of the last century), which she had to live in charge of the property, were difficult years, with successive economic and political crises, wars and post-civil war, times of scarcity and poverty in which it was more necessary and profitable the cultivation of cereal for human and animal food. However, the Marquesa kept the production and aging of wines and the best vineyards inherited from her father.

Surely Doña María Teresa Solano would be proud to see how the winery recovered the name that the town gave it in her honor: Viñedos y Bodegas de la Marquesa. And also the wine that the winery decided to make as a tribute to her, from the 2018 harvest, a fresh and youthful breath from its vineyards, a wine with the special character of Tempranillo from Rioja Alavesa.