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9. Did you know…?

Did you know… who were the third generation of Bodegas de la Marquesa?

In 1971 Maria Teresa Solano, La Marquesa, passed away and it meant the end of the second generation of the winery with her and her sister María. From here, her daughter María Milans and her husband Victoriano de Simón, parents of the current owners, take over the Winery and family vineyards.

The third generation is mainly dedicated to planting new vineyards and cleaning up / reforming the winery’s facilities and machinery to expand their wine production. The winery maintains the same company name, under the initials of S.M.S, but they launch two new wine brands such as Pagos de San Torcuato and Valserrano, registered in 1974.

Unfortunately, Victoriano died suddenly in 1978 without being able to finish all the projects started, it will be the next generation that completes these projects and undertakes new ones.