For years our sales have focused on the medium-high “on-trade”, but we have also increasingly been trying to reach the final consumer, through wine stores and specialist wine and delicatessen shops.

While always aware of our size and capacity, we have also sought to diversify the markets we are targeting as far as possible, and at the current time we split our sales 50-50 between the domestic market and exports.

In the national market we are mainly present in the north of Spain, (Cantabrian coast and Catalonia), while we currently export to 21 European, Asian and American countries, especially to Central Europe and the U.S.A.

Conscious of the growing importance of new online channels for sales, in our web we have included an online store where you will be able to buy all our wines directly from the Bodega, which we want to act as the official Bodega de la Marquesa store.

In developing our sales, particularly in export markets, we have been greatly assisted by the good scores received by our wines in the most prestigious Guides and International Contests.