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3. Did you know…?

Did you know that in the past when the owners kept accounts of the harvest each year they used a completely different terminology to what we use now?

???? The vineyards were measured by “obradas” and not by hectares: An “obrada” was approximately 200 vines and one ha. is about 3.000 vines.

???? The kilos of grapes harvested were measured in “cargas”, approx 200 kg of grapes, which was what fit in the “comportones” that were transported on mules and not on tractors.

???? We share with you the accounts that were kept from the initial Harvests of the Winery. And some interesting thoughts:

– The production in general was very scarce (less than 3000 kg/Ha), except in 1886, which must have been a “miraculous” harvest in quantity.

– “EL RIBAZO” vineyard draws attention, which is currently one of our best vineyards, from 106 loads in 1886, went to 29 loads in 1887 and almost the same in 1903.

– Many of the vineyards owned by the Marques de la Solana at that time, are still, the vineyards with which we make most of our wines now, although they have been replanted: El Monte, El Ribazo, Valserrano, Rubiales, Las Carretas…