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Some tips for choosing The Best Wine.

Sometimes it is not easy to choose wines; there are a lot of them, a lot of labels and little information. Find below a few tips in order to help you to choose correctly and to enjoy The Best Wine:

Always contact wine professionals and ask for advice. In the wine shops, the wine bars, or with the sommeliers in any restaurant, do not hesitate to ask them for advice and do not hesitate to tell them the style of wines that you usually like so their advice will be more accurate. “I like light red wines, with fruit, fresh…”

If you have enough time, if you like the social networks, and if you enjoy to do research; you should listen, talk or read any of all the wine fans who day by day talk about wines in their blogs and social media pages.

Consider the food that will match better the wine and the occasion that causes this meeting. A summer meal will fit better with a wine with the same characteristics: a young red wine, a white wine without oak…

When sharing a wine it is also really important to think about the people with whom you are going to enjoy it. Their age, their tastes, their way of thinking and their profiles will mark the character of the wine.

Take into account the denominations of origin peripheral or emerging. Often their wines are cheaper than other more recognized territories. Do not be afraid to put on your table wines without denomination of origin or table wines.

If the number of guests is too big and requires you to buy two or more bottles of wine, perhaps it will be funnier and cheaper to buy different wines for different dishes.

Do not pay much for a wine if you are not going to enjoy it or if you are not going to understand it. As our experience with wine increases, we will be able to differentiate new flavors, new aromas and new products… but this evolution requires a journey.

Read the bottle labels, they are a really important source of information. Take into account the grape varieties, the different winemaking methods, the vineyard age and altitude, the type of soil, the ageing…

Buy the wines in wine shops or wine bars with rotation and good facilities, keep it in good conditions and serve it well. Take care of the serving temperature, use good wine glasses and open the wines in advanced.

And at last but not least, remind that the wine is not just to quench our thirst, we must drink it in moderation and we must enjoy it with passion.

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