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Autumn has arrived

November arrives and with the change of month begins the change of color of the leaves of the vines, depending on the weather and the health of the vines, some years the picture can be amazing. Some people think, that this change of color occurs normally after harvest, but it only coincides when we have late harvests like this year. The main reason for the color change is that the vines stop producing chlorophyll. For this reason, they lose their green color adopting a new chromatic aspect, changing from ocher and reddish tones to browns and then drying and starting to fall. Normally the vines of red grapes change from green to reddish and garnet colors and those of white grapes will change to yellow tones. In the following few weeks, we will be able to enjoy the change of color of the vines, until the leaves begin to fall, giving rise to the resting phase of the vine and the pruning season that will last until spring begins.