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Is it right to give wine as a gift?

Is it okay to take to a dinner at a friend’s house a few bottles of wine? You know, something so frecuent as “please come for dinner on Friday; ah, okay, I will take the wine…”

If you invite some friends for dinner at home, the dinner should be your responsibility, to the smallest detail. You will be the one to plan the menu, you will go to your favorite vendor to acquire what you need, you will cook it and, of course, you will be the person in charge of choosing the appropriate wines for the menu!

The wine is a very important part of the meal. So it should not be left to chance or until the last minute. It must be in perfect condition, at the right temperature, decanted and aerated if is required.

So with the best will, if one of your guests arrives with a bottle of wine. It will be appreciated by you and you will be grateful because he/she thought about the occasion of the meeting, and he had a lot of interest in selecting a good wine …

So far so good, but the wine is meant as a gift, not as something to be consumed at the time mandatory. Here the question is different: Is it right to give wine as a gift?. And the answer is clear: of course.