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6. Did you know…?

Did you know that one of the first prizes won by el Marques de la Solana, founder of the winery, was with a special Rioja White Wine?

As mentioned in previous posts, in 1880 the Marqués began aging, bottling and selling his wines under the Marqués de la Solana brand.

After strengthening his technique and the quality of his wines, he decided to present some of his wines to different wine competitions of that moment, obtaining very good results:

-1897 In the Regional Exhibition of Logroño he obtained a Silver Medal with one of his red wines.

– 1929 In the Exhibition of national wines within the International Exhibition of Barcelona he obtained the most important award for all (not only for the founder, but especially now for the 4th and 5th generation): He obtained a Gold Medal for a Special White Wine, which meant, an aged White Wine. This means that, although many people do not know it, Rioja is and has been a land of White wines for a long time.

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